2015 Loan Exhibition

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Ahead of the Curve: The Newark Museum

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Ballantine House Library

The 61st annual Winter Antiques show Loan Exhibition, Ahead of the Curve: The Newark Museum, 1909-2015, will feature exceptional pieces from the Newark Museum (NM) in Newark, New Jersey. Celebrating its 106th year, NM has consistently been “ahead of the curve,” being at the forefront of collecting and exhibiting since its inception. Founded with an exhibition of The Eight, the museum was the first institution to acquire an oil painting of Yosemite, the first to feature outsider art with a William Edmonson piece, and the first to give a one-man show to a living American artist (Max Weber). Additionally, they possess the first abstract painting ever completed by an American artist, a work done by Arthur Dove (1880-1946). One of the impressive dualities of the museum is their staff’s ability to build on this solid American foundation, while looking outward towards the world. They were also the first to recognize and explore lacquer from all regions of Asia, and is the only museum covering the “Arts of Africa” from the Mediterranean to Cape Hope. As the only museum in the West with a consecrated altar, built in 1935 to celebrate the Tibetan collection that began in 1911, NM shows its consistent foresight and dedication. This will be reflected in every piece highlighted at the 2015 Winter Antiques Show Loan Exhibition, Ahead of the Curve: The Newark Museum, 1909-2015.

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Edmonson Angel












William Edmonson, Angel 
Carved stone, 1932-38





                      Pomegranate Vessel, Egypt
      Core-formed glass, 12th century BCE

Pomegranate Vessel

Lady's Secretary









Lady's Secretary
Pottier and Stymus Manufacturing Company
Rosewood and mahogany, 1878











Meiping Vase, China
Porcelain, Kangxi Period (1661-1722)

Meiping Vase